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Health & Wellness


Learn more about various medications, what they do, and how they will help you.

Aboriginal Health

With gratitude and humility, we work with Aboriginal communities to listen to and honour cultural beliefs, to identify barriers, and to improve health outcomes as partners in care.

Measles Catch-up

The B.C. immunization catch-up program helps families protect their children against measles. The program runs from April to June and provides measles vaccines for children from grades K-12.

Aboriginal Care Pharmacist helps community members achieve greater control over their own health

Jesse Inkster is passionate about helping people to understand their medications – what they are and why they were prescribed. As Island Health’s new Aboriginal Care Pharmacist, Jesse is particularly enthusiastic about the relationships he is building with people in several First Nations communities, including residents of Penelakut Island near Chemainus.
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Island Health nurse honoured with Good Samaritan Award

Brandi Harper is not a trauma nurse, but that didn’t stop her from leading trauma care for a critically injured man who fell from a cliff alongside the Cowichan River in June.
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Public Service Announcement for those receiving Needle-Free Filler Treatments

BC Health Authorities and the BC Ministry of Health are issuing a public service announcement for persons considering undergoing needle-free filler treatments.
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